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07/2013: Why Abide International School?

Mama & Me

In April 2016 we began offering a once a week, 45min. Mama and Me (child) class. Along with a story from the Bible, the class focused on practical everyday English phrases both Mama and Child could learn together.



One year later our preschool opened with 7 enrolled children (6 of which came from the Mama and Me class).

Our Objectives

  • To be confident, independent, and kind individuals. 
  • To succeed in the core competencies:
    Social-Emotional Development, Physical Development, Cognitive Development, Language Development, and to have a firm understanding about God and the Bible.
  • Our main purpose is not to merely encourage and equip our students to pursue contentment and comfort for themselves, but instead to live a life capable of contributing to and developing others. Our aim is not to receive fame and glory for our own sake, but for Jesus.

“For he shall be like a tree planted by the waters, Which spreads out its roots by the river, And will not fear when heat comes; But its leaf will be green, And will not be anxious in the year of drought, Nor will cease from yielding fruit.” 

Jeremiah 17:8


We believe parents are the primary influencers and faith trainers of their children, and preschool should complement the family structure whenever possible. Therefore, we strive to operate more like a family instead of an institution.



We believe the preschool years are crucial to building a firm foundation of character and confidence.   Therefore, we seek to offer a variety of developmentally appropriate activities and experiences in a comfortable, non-competitive, and nurturing environment that produces spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and cognitive (intellectual) opportunities for growth.


We believe it is important to foster the development of good character based on the Biblical teachings already being taught in the Protestant Christian church. Good character is the foundation which affects success in life as well as the way we influence those around us. Our desire is to discover and develop a student’s God-given abilities.




Abide International School offers education through the A.C.E. (Accelerated Christian Education) curriculum actually used in the United States. Our school is a school which was approved by the United States A.C.E. (Www.aceministries.com) The ACE curriculum is based on the Protestant Christian Bible, and there are courses from kindergarten to high school. When you complete all of them, you will receive an American high school diploma certificate . In the future, we will consider English learning which is necessary for studying abroad and entering in the country, and also through the A.C.E. curriculum, not only English proficiency, nurture personal character with a purpose conscious and firmly say your opinion I also aim for it. It is important to study abroad and it is not too early even if you educate young children. The Admissions Assessor at the Princeton University in the United States says this for one student of the ACE. “He is one of the students who showed amazing excellence, he is a truly deliberate person, we never met such students.”

“He is one of the students who showed amazing excellence, he is a truly deliberate person, we never met such students.”

      Admissions Assessor,  Princeton University

Learning by personal ability

The curriculum of A.C.E is learning by individual ability from elementary school to high school except kindergarten process. For each academic year, we will learn 12 texts called PACE (pace) for each subject (English, mathematics, science, society etc). Students aiming at high goals, students studying at normal pace, students wanting to learn slowly, with texts corresponding to the level of their respective skills, study at individual desks called offices. I set my own goal while consulting with the supervisor, and I will ask questions to the supervisor to understand where I do not understand. PACE will be in English at a lower level of 2 to 3 in the United States and higher than Japanese middle school students.


Students using the program of A.C.E. have achieved achievement above average. One of the reasons is that they can acquire self-responsibility regarding their learning.
In the program of A.C.E., I am taking a system that grades myself for what I learned. It is also possible to conduct fraud at this self-scoring. However, I learn self-responsibility by experiencing the fact that the injustice brings down my grades. Students also learn that acting sincerely without seeing anyone will cause true success.

Meet the Team

Izumi Ohara


Childcare professional

license obtained
In case of

Tezukayama Gakuin University University Graduate School of English Literature
Acquired English department ordinary teacher license

Graduated from Cairn University, USA
Master’s degree in Christian counseling (http://cairn.edu)

TOEIC score 855 points

2002 – 2004
State of Pennsylvania, USA
Indian Creek Foundation
At (https://www.indcreek.org/)
Worked as an assistant for a developmentally disabled child therapist
Philadelphia, USA
Family & Play Therapy Center (http://www.fptcenter.com/
   Completion of arkady therapy training (57 hours)
   Level 1 (Therapy to children)
   Level 2 (13 years old ~ therapy to adults)

2004 – current
Counseling Room Izumi
(Counseling for women, children, family)

2007 – present
Preschool teacher for developing children with developmental disabilities
(Osaka Municipal Cram school fee grant project participation cram school)
President of the International School
In case of
March 2014
Completion of A. C. E. Supervisor’s training

Rachel Teague


California State 2015
Biola University
Graduated from Intercultural studies (https://www.biola.edu/)
In case of
March 2016
Completion of A. C. E. Supervisor’s training

Joseph  Totsis 

Pastoral oversite 

Complete Bio at: